इन्जिनियरिङ पढिरहेकी बिर्तामोडकी पकृती पाण्डेलाई यो के आइलाग्यो ? मृत्युलाई कुर्दै अस्पतालको बेडमा

On November 6, Prakriti Pandey was rushed to the emergency department at Medical city Arlington where she was presenting symptoms like heavy bleeding, and bruises all over the body. After a few days of staying at the hospital and going through tests, the doctors suggested prakriti to be transferred to medical city Dallas on November 9th suspecting T-Acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

After a week of staying and going through multiple blood tests again and bone marrow biopsy, the doctors’ suspicion now turned into actual diagnosis. On November 14, 2020, our nightmare turned reality. Prakriti was diagnosed with T-acute lymphoblastic leukemia. (T-ALL, also known as Bone marrow cancer). She was immediately started on chemotherapy.

Prakriti is an international undergraduate student at University of Texas at Arlington studying mechanical engineering. Originally from Birtamode, Nepal ; Prakriti has been living in Arlington, Texas for the past 4 years. Everyone who knows her knows that she is very positive and always cheerful. She is a bright student who is actively involved in many educational organizations within her university.

Having to go through all this at a young age is not something she saw coming. Her dream of graduating soon as a mechanical engineer has now come to a pause because of her health. She has been very positive throughout this treatment and ready to fight this battle of cancer. Even if it’s very painful, she still goes through it every day with a beautiful smile.

During this COVID pandemic everyone is having a hard time. We all know how expensive healthcare is, as an international student her expenses are doubled. With great desperation she’s in need of your help and support. Treatment involves months of chemo and eventually bone marrow transplant. This is a long journey and her positivity in all this have helped her get this far. Let’s all support Prakriti during this difficult time and help her win this battle. Your little contribution and support will make so much difference in her life. All the raised money will directly go to Prakriti’s treatment, medications, bone marrow transplant and her other expenses. We need your help and support. Thank you.

You Can Donation from This Link :- https://gofund.me/082a4d6b

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